Founded in 2001 by Nathalie Ridard, Ephelide is one of the major French indie music promotion companies specialised in media support - Radio, TV, Press and Web.
Specialising in the music industry, Ephelide helps producers and artists better understand media expectations and advises them in their strategic decision-making when choosing a single, a video, or partnership as well as marketing strategy on- and off-line.
Thanks to Ephelide’s relationships with all the french publishers, recording companies, distributors, tour promoters...
Ephelide can help artists build their very own professional network in France.
Press Relations
  • Writing and creation of press releases
  • Creation of digital adapted tools
  • Newsletters, graphic designs, ecards, banners
  • Media chasing, organization and supervising of the interviews
  • Phoners, press conferences and press trips
  • Market search and follow-up of media's partnerships
  • Special operations 
  • Follow-up and editing of radio [single] and TV [clip] broadcastings tracking
  • Editorial monitoring, collecting and analysis of the press impacts
  • Press review: print [press + Web] - audio [radio] - video [TV]
  • Detailed weekly reporting
Festivals and Events
  • Counsel, logistic and organizational assessment
  • Gathering the artist's promotional material
  • Management of photos and videos conditions according to the artist’s conditions
  • Management and editing of the medias accreditations
  • Management of all the promotional requests
  • Editing individual media’s and artist's schedules
  • Creating and editing promotional Roadbooks
  • Physical reception of the medias, management of the interviews schedules
  • Coordination of the press conferences
  • On site management of the photographers and film crews
  • Quantitative assessment of media’s impact
Nathalie Ridard Founder and Director's agency
  • Offices in the center of Paris
  • An interview room
  • A regularly updated database of 50.000 journalists
  • A professional network of more than 10.000 contacts
  • Radio & TV airplay tracking and charts (by Yacast)
  • Press and Web monitoring
  • Communication strategies
  • Definition of targets and objectives
  • Setting up of a count-down schedule
  • Listing of tools and adapted supports
Nathalie Ridard
Promotion Director & PR Radios and national TVs
Clémence Prieur
Director's assistant & PR TV TNT and Cable
Catherine Gaud
Nationale Press
Marion Beloeil
Local medias and tours
Marion Pacé
Web ans Social networks
in the center of Paris with a conference room for promo days google map